Ventura Criminal Defense Attorney

Highly experienced Ventura County Criminal Defense Attorney

Ventura criminal defense attorney Steve Pell has been defending clients in Ventura County over 35 years.  This tremendous level of court experience for private counsel – perhaps more than most contemporary lawyers in Ventura County – allows the Law Offices of Steve Pell to handle criminal defense cases with a level of expertise few ventura criminal attorneys can provide.  Mr. Steve Pell has earned a well-respected reputation as a talented trial attorney among Ventura County attorneys, judges, and district representatives.  With experience defending clients against serious charges, including cases involving possible death penalty and long term incarceration consequences, the Law Offices of Steve Pell can help you achieve the best possible result in your criminal trial.  If you have had criminal charges brought against you, then Contact us immediately to arrange a consultation.

Tenacious Criminal Defense

Our criminal defense strategy involves a very aggressive handling of each client’s case.  Being retained as soon as possible following your arrest is very beneficial.  One of the first defense measures we’ll take is contact the Ventura County District Attorney’s office before your case has been filed.  We’ll compose an official letter addressed to the Ventura County D.A. – this letter will explain in detail the reasons for why they shouldn’t file charges against you.  Having developed a respected reputation among Ventura County prosecution officers as a very tenacious law firm with an excellent win record – this notification that we’re representing you is often enough to prevent charges from being filed.  Our firm is very fast acting and diligently takes every possible action to obtain the best outcome for you.  Our meticulous approach to criminal defense trials has won our clients not guilty decisions in many instances in which other defense attorneys have been unsuccessful.


Contact us to arrange a consultation

Our great trail experience and persistent handling of criminal defense cases have earned us one of the best respected reputations and most accomplished track records of all Ventura County attorneys.  If you’ve been arrested and are potentially facing criminal charges we recommend that you contact us today so that we may go to work in your defense.