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Personal injury law is the practice of winning compensation for clients who have been the victims of personal injuries.  This compensation may often be referred to as damages.  The concept of damages is to attempt to reconcile the personal injury victim to a position equivalent to not being injured.  Damages can be very difficult to objectively assess because it is difficult to place value or worth on a personal injury, and also because injuries can vary dramatically in severity.  Naturally, with such a large potential variety of personal injuries and unique surrounding circumstances, a fairly large assortment of different damages may be awarded:


  • Damages from medical expenses.  If a personal injury results in the victim requiring medical care they may be awarded compensation to cover these expenses.  Naturally, these expenses can become very high depending on the type of injury.  Ideally, medical damages will include compensation for all medical expenses related to the injury.  These types of damages can become very complex as the result of medical insurance company involvement.

  • In some cases, a medical care provider or an insurance company may attempt to place a lien on damage rewards to the victim.  A lien is best explained as a claim on money.  In this type of case, the lien would stipulate that money awarded to the victim of injury be appropriated to either a provider of medical care or a medical insurer to cover their costs.  The lien is used to provide a warranty that either the provider or insurer will receive payment when damages are awarded.  

  • Personal income damages.  Another complex damages related issue are diminishment of income related damages.  This can involve money lost as a result of temporarily being unable to work, money lost as a result of lifetime disability arising from the injury, or reduced earning potential resulting from personal injury.

  • Pain related damages.  If a person is has experienced pain as the result of a personal injury they may be entitled to financial compensation.  This is one of the most complicated forms of damages which can involve taking into account other damages such as diminished personal income and medical expenses.  These can be considered a non-economic damage in some cases because specific amounts can’t necessarily be deemed equal to the victim’s suffering.

  • Punitive damages.  These damages don’t necessarily intend to compensate the victim of injury for their expenses, suffering, or loss of income.  Punitive damages are often awarded with the intent of penalizing the responsible party financially for negligence or misconduct.

A complete detailing of all issues related to personal injury and related damage awards is extremely complex.  Each personal injury case is unique, and the types of damages that a person may be eligible for will vary greatly according to the circumstances surrounding the injury.  For these reasons, a professional, highly experienced law firm such as The Law Offices of Steve Pell is necessary to help personal injury victims pursue damage awards and settlements.

We have a personal interest in your well being

We understand that dealing with a personal injury is a very stressful ordeal for our clients.  We genuinely care about our client’s well being and make every possible effort to arrange the best medical care for them and extract the highest damage awards.  We also check-in with our clients following the conclusion of their cases to verify they’re recovering from the injury properly, have received damages due to them, and are generally doing well.